Sand and Surf in Two Days


Matt and I had a perfect little getaway for two days at Orange Beach in Alabama. We had our last hurrah of “summer” by getting to play around at the beach.

Since we’re still young and all we decided to wake up at 4 and leave around 4:30 so we could have as much time as possible on the beach. We managed the long drive by taking turns driving and listening to Paramore’s After Laughter. 

We sunscreened up and hit the beach since our room wouldn’t be ready until later. 

For lunch we were thrifty and decided on just bringing peanut butter and bread to make sandwiches with. Like the goofs we are we forgot a knife to spread the peanut butter with and had to resort to using our fingers and the little paper from a Swiss roll  package. 

Dinner went a lot better for us. The wait was a little long but the food was as good as usual. We ate at Cobalts and enjoyed some Firecracker shrimp and we both got the Colbalt burger. 
Next morning we got up early to head on down to the beignet shop. We had some good coffee and made a powdered sugar mess. 

There was more beach time and then for lunch we ate some delicous Chinese before heading to the Shrimp Fest in Gulf Shores. 

There were a bunch of vendors and we left with a slight sunburn from walking around and a little art piece for our house. 

Since I had never been, we then hit up The Wharf. We had gelato and some coffee and looked around the shops. 

By now we had stuffed a lot into two days and I had work the next day so we headed on home. (Matt, the stinker, was on fall break.) 

Hope you enjoyed seeing our little trip to the coast! 


Fall Resolution?

Fall is finally here, even though the temperatures may not be.  I’ve purchased some Halloween decorations and gotten some little fall decorations, as well.  Something that I’m really excited about is being able to wear sweaters! I own a good amount of them, but my problem is that some may no longer fit.

That’s what brings me to my “fall resolution.” I have gained weight and, even though I love my body no matter the size, I would love to be healthier and to stay healthy into my golden years.

Matt and I both want to do this thing so we’ll have to cheer each other on when the going gets tough!

So here’s to my fall resolution! May I stay strong and become stronger at the same time!


Joy in the Morning

It’s funny how we can easily forget physical pain.  Right now Matt is in a lot of pain that is centered in his lower back and the nurse practitioner suggested that he stay home for the rest of this week and then go back on Monday to work.  What he is experiencing can take up his whole mind when he is in the midst of hurting.  I’ve heard of how women are in so much pain when they give birth, but yet they forget the pain and will go on to have more children.

For me, anytime I’ve encountered pain it has built me up to be stronger.  It has also caused me to realize that there is strength in being vulnerable and asking for help.  Reaching out to others can help you gain perspective on your situation and enable you to make it through the period of pain.

Pain is something that we all face.  It reminds us that we are human; that we can hurt.  We are both fragile and indestructible at the same time.

So, remind yourself when you are hurt that you are a strong yet fragile person who can move on from the hurt.  It may take time. It may take therapy or medicine or whatever to heal you.  But there is hope.

“…weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5 (NIV)

Birthday Thoughts

September 1st is a pretty exciting day for me. This year I’ve turned 23 and I feel like I’m starting to settle in to who I am.  It’s been about 6 months since Matt and I were married and I’m learning the ups and downs of married life. Turning 23 means that I’m closer to a quarter century being lived and gone. It’s almost unbelievable to me that I’ve had that much of a life already.  I can’t help but look forward to the years ahead and many birthdays ahead of me.  The time spent with Matt and family and friends makes me happy to be where I am. So I’d say that 23 suits me just fine.

Santana and Eggs

Some days you just need a well put together breakfast burrito for dinner.  I had retrieved the ingredients we were missing: the mushrooms, bell pepper, and onion.  We jammed out to some Santana while I sliced and diced the extras for the burrito.


It’s night like these that make me the happiest.  Getting to come home to my husband and spend time together making dinner, laughing, and telling about our day. We only just got married back in March so I can’t imagine how many more great days will be ahead.


Matt and I are trying to grow together as a couple and as followers of Christ.  We take every day one day at a time and try to stay positive no matter what comes our way.  I pray that there will be more days that end with dancing in the kitchen and a good meal. I know that we have time to really perfect our breakfast burrito and learn all the words to our favorite Santana songs.

A lil about lil ole me.

Hey everybody!

I’m Alyssa Harris, a newlywed who is into this sharing thoughts and little pieces of my life kind of thing.  As of now, I am a student who is working towards my bachelor’s in social work.   My husband and I live in a little town.  You can say that little can be a word to describe this post.  Little people living a little spot in this big world.

I don’t want to just stick to little though, I’d like to do big things.  Matt and I started our marriage off big by going to Greece for our honeymoon.  Now, we have to keep the big thing going.  Big amounts of love and big amounts of patience (a lot of patience for Matt for sure).  We’re figuring life out together through the big and little parts of this journey.

More posts should be on the way and I’ll try to make this lil blog a thing that I do regularly.  Thanks for reading.